Bird Sale – – – December 6th, 2015


We were informed that there is a possibility that we might receive a larger consignment with a variety of birds for the December 6th 2015 Sale!


BIRD SALE for DECEMBER 6th, 2015 starts at 10:00am!


VIEW BIRDS FROM 8:30 to 9:45 am



All cages for birds, mammals, critters, reptiles, etc. MUST HAVE a

solid bottom, either metal or plastic tray, (no cardboard bottoms

ALLOWED AT ALL!!), food and water dishes is a MUST, and cages 

MUST be zip-tied, before being checked in at the birdroom for the auction.



Weather Conditions


our Sale dates!







NOTE:  All the pictures placed on this

webpage are just examples of animals

and birds, which might be available at

upcoming auctions.


(Please click on pictures to get a better vision)

Miniture Paint Horse  Miniature horses 1

Miniature Horses Miniature Horse 1 Miniature Paint Horses Miniature Donkey 1 Miniature Donkeys Miniature Donkeys   Miniture Paint Donkeys Miniature Donkeys                                                     Miniature Paint Donkey   Llamas 1  llamas 2 Llamas   alpacas[1] Alpacas Baby Camels Baby Camels Paint Camel     paint[1] Paint Camels DSC00671 - Copy Dromedaries Camel Bactrian Camel Bactrian Camel Bison_]  bison_2 Bison buffalo]   Buffalos Buffalo Dexter Cattle 2      Dexter Cattle Dexter Cattle Miniature- Dexter Cattle       Dexter Cattle - Claves Dexter Cattle DSC00537 - Copy    DSC00549 - Copy Gayal Hereford - Miniature      Hereford Miniature 2 Hereford Miniature Cattle Hereford Cattle 2    Hereford Hereford Cattle Highland Cattle    Highlander Cattle - Copy Highlander Cattle (Scottish) Scottish Highlander Cattle   Scottish Highlander - Copy Highlander Cattle (Scottish) Longhorn 1 - Copy  Longhorn Cattle Longhorn Cattle Miniture Longhorn Cattle - Copy   Longhorn Miniature Longhorn Miniature Cattle water-buffalo-- - Copy    Water_buffalo[1] Water Buffalo watusi91[1]   Watusi_cattle_-_ Watusi Cattle Zebu Cattle 2  Zebu Miniature Cattle Zebu Cattle zebu[1]  Zebu Cattle 3 Zebu Cattle       DSC02240 - Copy Blackbucks Blackbuck Male & Female Blackbuck Male & Female   Gemsbuck      Gemsbuck1 Gemsbuck     Sem. Horn Oryx Sable Antilope Gemsbuck     Zebras Elk                                                                           Pair of Elk   Axis Deer   Fallow Deer                                                                         Red Deer Sika Deer 4-Horn Sheep                                                                  Barbado Sheep Black Hawaiian Sheep                                                        Corsican Sheep   Dorper Sheep                                                             Mouflon Sheep   Painted Desert Sheep                                                      Texas Dahl Sheep             Alpine Goat                                                             Ibex Goat   Boer Goat                                                                         Nubian Goat Spanish Goats                                                                     Pigmy Goats    Nigerian Goats                                                Fainting Goat

  Blue & Gold Macaws                                          Scarlet Macaws    Greenwing Macaw                         Congo African Grey       Crimson Rosella Blue & Gold Macaw & Catalina Macaw   Blue Front Amazon                                         Yellow Fronted Amazon     Hyacinth Macaw                                                           Timney  African Grey    Fisher Lovebirds                            Peach-face Lovebirds                   Black Mask Lovebirds   Sun Conure Parrots                                             Amazon Parrot    Blue Budgie                                              Budgerigar                                     Parakeets      Citron Crested Cockatoo              Moluccan Cockatoo                    Umbrella Cockatoo   Goffin Cockatoo                                                                 Hahns Macaw

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